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Hotel and Restaurant Services

What can we offer you?

  • New cutlery to match your current pattern or a completely new bespoke design that you create.
  • We can take your current cutlery and add your logo or ‘mark’ on either the handle or blade in Stainless Steel, Silver plate or Solid Silver.)
  • We can restore, re-polish, re-silver plate old, scratched, tarnished cutlery.
  • Replace cutlery handles or blades – Traditionally cutlery handles were attached to blades using a Poly-urethane compound which will expand when used in a dishwasher. We can remove the blade and re-attach using a cement mixture which is dishwasher safe.
  • You can choose from our back catalogue of over 100 traditional and contemporary patterns.
  • Low minimum order quantities for bespoke cutlery design and or marking your existing.

Please contact us for a quote on 01629 640965 or email info@legacysilver.co.uk

Hotel & Restaurant

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